The imperialist US foundations, and “think tanks” are involved in activities that would subvert the Islamic Republic. While liberals, and some well meaning progressives, would like to think that this is all about “democracy,” infact, it is about sabotaging Iran’s independent stance, and replacing the government with yet another puppet regime in the “mid-east.”

It is imperative that people of goodwill gain an understanding of the situation – towards this end, a new blog has been created that will expose the “open society promotion” and “democracy promotion” activities of American foundations and “think tanks” – and their role in the new cold/hot war against Iran.

Note that while the blog is specific to Iran, similar actions are also being carried out against the popular governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Equador – all newly independent of the US.

As the Iranian government has pointed out:

“The truth of the matter is that those bodies are under the umbrella of such titles as democracy, human rights, and are playing the role that their intelligence and information services used to play against countries in question in the past.

the National Endowment for Democracy Foundation, relying on the cooperation of other US foundations, theoretized the model of East Europe’s collapse, matched it with the situation in Iran, and tried to pursue it as a project.

some of those foundations send invitations to Iranian thinkers to give lectures, participate at seminars, or to present research projects, allocating budgets to such activities trying to choose active partners in our country and link them to the decision maker circles and organization in the United States.”

The blog/web site address is:


Please forward the site address to your respective e-mail lists.

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  1. vineyardsaker said,

    Very interesting blog – I have added it to the “other blogs of interest” on my own blog (http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com/).
    Kind regards & best wishes,

  2. vineyardsaker said,

    I have also added your RSS 🙂

  3. psyop said,

    thank you for the link – i’ll be adding links to the blogroll here soon… will add you at that time.

  4. vineyardsaker said,

  5. iranlove said,

    So why not come out and introduce yourself, Mr. democracy? Perhaps you would like to spend some time in democratic Iran before criticizing the social programs that the U.S. is engaged in.

  6. reflux1 said,

    Iranlove: I wouldnt call psychological and future physical warfare “social programs”….that sounds more along the lines of foreign policy: one of subversion and special interests. Furthermore, no matter how democratic or UN-democratic iran is, it still doesnt give us one single proton of justification for ‘regime change’, and it also doesnt diminish the freedom for americans to discuss and reject crazy assbackwards actions. Cool blog maine!

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