soft and velvet coups

July 20, 2007 at 6:07 pm (from the Iranain press)

Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami said here Friday in his second sermon confessions of three US agents proved Washington is after launching “soft and velvet coups’ not only in Iran, but also in many other countries.

According to IRNA Political Desk reporter from central campus of Tehran University, addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers, this week’s Friday preacher of Tehran added, “This policy has worked in some countries, but in Iran, it has faced defeat, just like the other failed US policies on Iran.”

Khatami reiterated, “In order to pursue its interferences in independent countries of the world, the United States always backs up the process of soft coups, resorting to promotion of Western culture in so-called civil societies, creation of gaps between the nations and their governments through crisis generation and systematic activities of certain individuals, and launching psychological wars.”

He added, “Then in the long run, taking full advantage of the press, mass media, and intellectual circles, and launching feminist campaigns, they try to reap the fruits of their vast scale efforts.” Pointing out that getting involved in such broad activities aimed at interference in foreign countries costs the United States millions of dollars, he once again referred to the confessions of the arrested US agents in Iran, arguing, “Those confessions have enraged the US statesmen and press, prompting them to react angrily.” Ayatollah Khatami reiterated, “During the past fifty years the United States has directly or indirectly interfered in the internal affairs of 25 countries of the world militarily, and the funny thing is that Washington also claims it is after the establishment of democracy throughout the world.”

Member of the Leadership Experts Assembly highlighted the Islamic Republic of Iran’s role in preserving stability and security in the Middle East region, adding, “Iran’s policies regarding Iraq have always been aimed at promoting security measures there and serving the oppressed Iraqi nation, and yet the United States has always, resorting to fake pretexts, been accusing Iran of interference in Iraq’s affairs.”

He added, “The US policy in Iraq today is aimed at bringing the Ba’th Party back to power, and fueling the flames of tribal and sectarian wars there.”

Elsewhere in his second sermon, Ayatollah Khatami referring to the the Palestine issue, said, “In Palestine, the government and parliament took shape relying on people’s votes, but you noticed how the oppressive powers treated that government and that parliament.” He added, “Now the world nations know very well that the only matter about which the United States does not care about the slightest bit is establishment of democracy, and that at the peak of that country’s ideals there is exertion of US hegemony in as many independent countries in the world, as possible.


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