US puppets line up against Iran

June 21, 2007 at 9:19 pm (from the Iranain press)

The US, along with its own funded psyop and “democracy promotion”, is also using its puppets to ratchet up the propaganda against Iran. Since the revolution, the puppets of the region have been fearful of Iran – lest their own population take a lesson or two out of Iran’s book, and do to them what was done to the “shah.”

This is the real reason behind the anti-Iran and anti-Shi’a sectarianism – the flames of which are being fanned from D.C.

Egypt blaming Iran on Gaza no surprise

Egypt has stepped up support for Fatah by blaming Tehran for the Hamas takeover in Gaza and endangering its border in the process.

In an interview in Egypt’s Al-Masri Al-Yom newspaper Egyptian Foreign Minister Abul Geit was quoted as saying, “Iran’s policies encouraged Hamas to do what it has done in Gaza and this represents a threat for Egypt’s national security because Gaza is a stone’s throw from Egypt.”

Abul Geit said the situation has made Egypt to rethink its relations with Iran. “The Iranian influence in Iraq also represents a threat for Egyptian and Arab national security. This obliges Cairo to restrict its relations with Tehran,” he noted.

The Egyptian government, which reinforced its military presence on its border with the Gaza Strip last week, said that it would do everything possible to prevent an Islamist regime from cementing control of the territory.

Not surprisingly the Egyptian minister’s remarks reflect a concensus that has been growing among regional and western analysts alike: namely that Washington’s Arab allies, most notably Israel, Jordan and Egypt would be working in tandem to hem in Hamas and even harass Hezbollah in Lebanon as another Israeli assault there seems out of the question.

All these measures are connected to limiting Iranian influence in Iraq where US forces are badly mired down. The American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh laid out this scenario in a March issue of the New Yorker magazine. He wrote of “black money” gone missing out of US coffers in Iraq to fuel the machinations and the organizing of non-Lebanese Arab fighters to confront Hezbollah in Lebanon.

When reminded of his previous accurate analyses on the different schemes to hamstring and blame Iran for US failures in the region, including the failure to foresee Hamas’s electoral victory in Palestinian elections in January 2006, Hersh noted he is not to be blamed if his information has been proven accurate.

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