democracy promotion funding

June 16, 2007 at 12:09 am (faux democracy promotion, Faux Iranian Dissidents)

This article, from the Financial Times, does a positive spin to the counter-revolutionary activities of the so-called “pro-democracy” groups in Iran.  The reality is that, if one looks at any of these groups even with just a low powered reading glasses, we get to see the real motivations, and loyalties – that are primarily towards making Iran into a pro-US country, with its very own loyal to America puppet regimes. But still an interesting article to read – as it openly admits to the role of American $$$ that are being used to promote puppet groups within the Islamic Republic. 

The US allocated $66.1m (€50m, £34m) in 2006 to promote democracy in the Islamic republic. Most of the money was for organisations outside Iran including the Washington-based Voice of America TV but $20m was earmarked for activities inside the country.

Recipients remained anonymous unless they chose to reveal the funding themselves.Critics in Tehran and Washington, including some within the US administration, allied governments and prominent NGOs, say this secret funding is damaging Iran’s NGO movement and the few US organisations working openly with Iranians, such as the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Open Society Institute.



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