Indian academic denounces US abduction of Iranian diplomats in Iraq

May 29, 2007 at 10:32 pm (from the Iranain press)

Indian academic on Tuesday denounced US abduction of Iranian diplomats in Iraq as in contravention with international law and disrespect for diplomatic immunity.

Dr. Baseer Ahmad, who is head of the department of Islamic Studies at Hamdard University in New delhi, said that US raid on Islamic Republic of Iran’s Consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil was an open violation of the Vienna Convention.
He said in an exclusive interview with IRNA that US action is an abuse of power by the occupying forces and negligence of their responsibility to provide security in Iraq.

He said that according to the Geneva Convention, the occupying powers are required to provide security for foreign diplomats in Iraq as a part of their duties.

“This raid raises questions about President Bush’s new strategy on Iraq and the mission of the newly beefed-up American military presence in this country. Iraqi’s stability and security should not be used as cover for hostility against other nations,” Baseer said.

He pointed out that behavior of US forces is being seen as direct interference in Iran-Iraq relations whose negative consequences would aggravate the Iraqi situation for which the US forces should be blamed.

Baseer Ahmad asked India, Russia and China the three emerging superpowers to use their influence and pressurize US for the immediate release of diplomats of Islamic Republic of Iran’s consulate in the Iraqi city of Arbil.

US forces on January 11, 2007 raided the Iranian consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil and after disarming the consulate’s guards and breaking open its gate, entered the consulate building and abducted its five staff members besides looting some document and computers.

The Islamic Republic of Iran set up its consulate in Arbil in as per the wishes of the Iraqi Kurdish people and which was later on confirmed by the Iraqi government for facilitating the travel of Iraqi people especially those seeking medical help in Iran.


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